Westford MA Kitchen Renovation

Westford MA Kitchen Renovation

Westford MA Kitchen Upgrades by F.A. Bearse

Servicing All Areas around Westford in MA & NH

F.A. Bearse has been upgrading and renovating kitchens for over 20 years and its a task we take great pride in. For a truly original kitchen, one that will wow your friends and neighbors, its important to hire an independent contractor like F.A Bearse to avoid 'cookie-cutter' styles that are done over and over again. We can create a unique kitchen to compliment your style and the rest of the house. While we commonly work in Westford MA, we service all surrounding areas in NH and MA.

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Westford MA Kitchen RenovationAt F.A. Berase, we have our own in-house woodworking shop where we create custom cabinetry for your new kitchen. Or, we can also refurbish your own cabinets if desired. The project can be as large as tearing out the entire kitchen and starting from scratch, to just updating the cabinets and counters or other smaller items. We are a 'Design Build' company, which means we can take over all design aspects and create an appealing new look that you might never thought possible. Have a look at our references and contact us when you're ready. We would love to work on your new kitchen!

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